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Dec 19, 2022
5:33 AM

A Guide to Solving a Linear Function

How often have you lent your favourite video game set to your classmate because you told them, “Please help with linear equations to do my homework complete?

Well, no doubt, there are students who either find it difficult to solve linear equations or have zero knowledge about the concept itself. Hence, saying to your classmate, “Can you show me how to do math homework help?” or helping them with another issue to get their help is very common.

So, why don’t you scroll down and eliminate all such puzzles? Yes, below you have the simplest explanation and usage of the linear function-

A linear function is a function that, when presented in a graph, represents a straight line. Typically, it is a polynomial function with a maximum degree of 1 or 0. However, in addition to using linear algebra, calculus is also used to represent linear functions. The function notation is the only distinction. It is also important to understand an ordered pair expressed in function notation. When ‘a’ is an independent variable on which the function depends, the expression f (a) is referred to as a function.

Linear Function Graph has a straight line whose expression or formula is given by;  

It has one independent and one dependent variable. The independent variable is x, and the dependent one is y. P is the constant term or the y-intercept and the value of the dependent variable. When x = 0, q is the coefficient of the independent variable, known as slope, which gives the rate of change of the dependent variable.

Now, here is a simple step-by-step process to solve a linear function-

  1. Substitute the value of f(x) into the problem.

  2. Isolate the variable. In this case, you add 1 to both sides to isolate the variable term by using the opposite operation to move the constant term across the equal sign.

  3. Continue to isolate the variable.

Here is an example to understand better -


y = 25 + 5x

Let x = 1


y = 25 + 5(1) = 30

Let x = 3


y = 25 + 5(3) = 40

There are a lot of variations in equations that will puzzle you. But start with the basics as mentioned above. Doing so, so you don’t have to worry thinking, “I need to pay someone to do my homework” anymore!

Source: A Guide to Solving a Linear Function

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